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Carpenter ant

What You Should Know about Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a common pest problem for homeowners, especially those who live in wooded areas or damp climate zones. The 2 most common types of carpenter ants are Camponotus pennsylvanicus, which is a black ant, and the Camponotus sayi, which is red in colour. The red variety is smaller in size than the black ones, but they are both similar in appearance and have the same feeding and nesting habits.


Signs You Have an Infestation

It is commonly thought that carpenter ants feed on wood, but this is simply untrue. Carpenter ants burrow inside wood that is rotting in moist places and damp zones. They chisel away at the wood from the inside to make it hollow, brittle and useless. You can tell that you have carpenter ants not only by seeing them, but by the debris and damage they leave in their wake. You will find small heaps of sawdust and holes in the walls where the ants have entered. You may even hear a rustling sound from inside the walls. You may also see trails on your walls, wires and electrical sockets. The usual diet of the carpenter ant includes honey, dead bodies of pests and insects, fatty bodies, sweets, etc.


Carpenter ants love moisture and damp homes, and drenched wood or rotten mulch. If you have any of these conditions around your house, you are likely to have an infestation. The black carpenter ants are more frequently found during the humid summer months, while the red carpenter ant is found more frequently during the winter months.


Treating Carpenter Ants

It is typical to apply chemicals to treat carpenter ant infestations, but caution should be used as many of the chemicals used to destroy carpenter ants can be harmful to pets and children. In fact, some aerosol spray treatments have been banned for use in several areas. Therefore, it is wise to call in a professional exterminator to have your carpenter ant infestation remedied.

If you have a carpenter ant problem, Arrow Pest Control offers experienced, professionally licensed technicians to help you. Give us a call before the situation gets worse.


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