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Mice & Rats: Little Critters that Can Cause Big Problems

Mice are often depicted as those cute little critters you see in cartoons: big ears, cute whiskers and lovable little faces. But mice in your home or business establishment can be anything but cute. They are real pests and can be a great cause of concern. If you suspect a problem, contact Arrow Pest Control for reliable and effective pest control in Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge and surrounding areas. We eliminate mice and take steps necessary to prevent their return. Keep reading to learn more about these unwanted visitors.


Loss of Food & Property Damage

In homes, mice infestations can result in a significant amount of property damage along with loss of food. The loss of food is quantified not only in the amount of food the mice will eat, but also includes the amount of food that is destroyed or contaminated by droppings and mouse hair. It is estimated that in 6 months, a single pair of mice will eat about 4 lbs. of food, and will produce about 18,000 droppings from what they have eaten. The contamination caused by this pair of mice is estimated to be about 10 times more than the actual food they have eaten.


Mice in your household will also cause a significant amount of property damage. Mice are constantly gnawing and chewing. They will destroy fabrics, documents, books, artwork and woodwork. Mice also gnaw and chew through electrical wiring and are believed to be the cause of millions of dollars in damage due to electrical fires each year. Many of these fires may go reported as “cause unknown”.


Potential Disease Carriers

Mice, like rats, have a great potential as being disease carriers. House mice and the parasites they host can be responsible for the transmission of numerous diseases. Infected rodent feces (mouse droppings) can contaminate food stores that lead to the spread of a bacterial food poisoning called salmonellosis (Salmonella). Mice are deemed to be more prolific transmitters of this disease than rats.


Mice carry a type of mouse mite that can transmit a disease called Rickettsia akari (a species of bacteria that causes a chickenpox-type rash in people). Mice can also carry a viral infection known as lymphocytic choriomeningitis (meningitis) that can also infect people. This virus is transmitted through contaminated feces or dust.


The mouse mite can also transmit a disease to humans that will result in an uncomfortable skin irritation and cause a lot of itching. This condition is frequently mistaken for heat rash, fleas, allergies or other causes. These mouse mites are capable of spreading this condition throughout the house.


Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) is a bacterial infection that can affect humans and a wide range of animals. Although this disease is more commonly transmitted by rats, house mice can also be carriers.


As you can see, having mice in your house can lead to a health hazard within your home. It is in your best interest to deal with any mouse infestations as soon as possible to protect yourself from the potential health risks. The professionals at Arrow Pest Control can rid your home of any mouse infestations that may be present and can provide the means of keeping your home pest free.

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